Understanding ProfitTrailer: minimize dust in Binance

This is a post in my Understanding ProfitTrailer series. In the post I will explain how to minimize dust while trading on the Binance exchange with ProfitTrailer.

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Gunbot 7.0.2 and Zeno GUI 1.31 setup on Ubuntu 17.10


In this post I will explain step by step how to install and setup Gunbot 7.0.2 and Zeno GUI 1.31 on Ubuntu 17.10. It also shows how to access the Gunbot GUI and Zeno GUI through a SSH tunnel using PuTTY with port forwarding for enhanced security. A no thrills quick and dirty write-up.

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Setting up Mutt to send mail using Gmail with 2FA set


I needed to be able to send mail from the command line on one of my servers. A quick way to do this without setting up a mail server is using Mutt to send mail using Gmail. In this post I will give a short write-up how to install and configure Mutt on Ubuntu. As I have two factory authentication setup on Google an app specific password is required instead of the regular Google account password.

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Surface Pro 4 shutsdown when I click the on/off button

When I pressed the on/off on my Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 it would shut down! Really irritating.

After searching around for a while I found the setting under System Settings that controls the behavior of the on/off button.

  • Open Control Panel > Power Options > System Settings
  • Change the action when the on/off button is pressed to ‘Sleep’.

That’s it. Another problem solved!

Playing with W3C Annotation AKA Web Annotation

Today I was playing around with W3C Annotation AKA Web Annotation. I needed to convert the JSON-LD examples to RDF XML and test XPath expressions. I justed a couple of online tools. Just some quick notes about these tools.

  • Convert JSON-LD to RDF XML: Select JSON-LD as input format and Pretty RDF/XML as output format.
  • Test XPath expressions: Copy and past the XML into the input field. Type the XPath into the XPath input field. Hit Test XPath button and you should see the result.
  • XML Formatter: A XML formatter that lets you specify the number of leading spaces.

You can find the latest information about Web Annotation over here and example code on Github.