Setting up Mutt to send mail using Gmail with 2FA set


I needed to be able to send mail from the command line on one of my servers. A quick way to do this without setting up a mail server is using Mutt to send mail using Gmail. In this post I will give a short write-up how to install and configure Mutt on Ubuntu. As I have two factory authentication setup on Google an app specific password is required instead of the regular Google account password.

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Installing Oracle JDK 7 in Debian/Ubuntu/Mint

I am currently learning Scala and wanted to install the Scala IDE. In the process I ran into some problems that it programs would not compile correctly, which seemed to be caused by the OpenJDK 7. So I decided to remove OpenJDK 7 and install Oracle JDK 7. All the instructions I could find to do this where downloading based on manually downloading the Oracle JDK 7 and installing it interactively. As I also wanted the installation to work in a Docker container I wanted a fully automated solution. Continue reading

What happened to the user and group management commands in QNAP?

Had an interesting time figuring out how user and group management works from the command line on my QNAP server. At first the usual Linux commands do not seem to exist:


After some Google research (who’s your friend?) I found some forum posts that pointed out the commands have been replaced by QNAP’s own special versions: Continue reading

Changing the default start-up size of the Gnome terminal

I am running Linux Mint on a laptop with a wide screen and high resolution. It has been annoying me that when I start a GNOME terminal it start with the default terminal size of 80×24, which just does not work with my high resolution. The scripts that I am running has rather long logging information, which line wraps and makes it hard to read. Every time I start a terminal the first thing I would do was change the size of the window with the mouse. Continue reading