Changing the password policy for mobile devices on Office 365

When setting up Office 365 I changed the default password policy for mobile devices to the following:

  • Minimum password length of 8 characters.
  • The password needed to consist of lower and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Very securing and smart to do, right? Yes, it probably is. But what if you need to make a call in the car. Try and enter the password, e.g. [email protected], on you smartphone to unlock it while driving. That is right out dangerous. So, I needed to change the mobile device policy to something that is secure, but easy to enter. Do you think I could remember where the policy was setup again? No 😦

After a lot of clicking through the administrator options of Office 365 I finally found it. Here are the steps for future reference:

  • Log onto the Office 365 admin center.
  • Click on Admin on the top right hand side.
  • Select Office 365 from the drop down menu.Log onto Office 365 admin center
  • From the menu on the left hand side click on ADMIN > Exchange located at the end of the menu.

    Exchange admin options

    Exchange admin options

  • Click on the option mobile device mailbox policies.
  • Double click on the default policy.
  • Change the policy to your likings.
  • Click save.

That’s it.

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